Stone Care Maintenance

Granite Care Instructionscontact_image

Clean granite with a soft cloth and a household cleaning product that is pH neutral. Household cleaning products including Windex, Dawn, Lysol Disinfectant, and 409 can be used but may leave a film. Cleaners specific for natural stone are available from Granite Services. A solution of vinegar and water (1 to 10 vinegar to water) works great to remove streaking, smudges, and body oil on granite, but, repeated application of the vinegar have been known to remove sealer.

Spills should be wiped up immediately with a clean towel. You can use the flat side of a razor blade for removing stuck on tape residue, dried paint, glue, dried food, etc.

Use #0000 or finer steel wool to remove dried water spots, smudges, hazy areas, and for general cleaning to bring out the shine. Do not use steel wool wet. Use a pencil eraser to remove aluminum trails.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not use cleaners with a pH value less than 7
  • Do not use strong abrasive cleaners such as Comet or SoftScrub
  • Do not leave spills on the countertop for prolonged periods of time
  • It’s always best to be proactive and use cutting boards and trivets


Granite countertops are sealed at the time of fabrication. Resealing is up to the individual. On average sealant lasts up to 5-7 years, before needing to be resealed.The best way to see if your granite needs to be resealed is to do a simple water test. Pour a small amount of water in various spots, letting it sit for 30 minutes and then wipe it up. If the stone darkened where the water was, the stone should be resealed.

Sealing is as simple as wiping the sealer on the granite, waiting a few minutes, and then wiping the excess away with a clean, dry, absorbent rag. If you are not wanting to do this Granite Services will come out and do this for you.